Traitors to Palestine have the fate of Jews who betrayed the Prophet (pbuh)

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Traitors to Palestine have the fate of Jews who betrayed the Prophet (pbuh)
Islamic Unity Week and the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) remind us of the importance of the unity and solidarity of the Muslims. Unity can be an impenetrable barrier against the enemies of Islam and increase the sovereignty of the Muslims. The unity of the Islamic world is the key to solving the problems of Palestine, and those who betray this unity and compromise with the enemies of Palestine will only fail and will be forced to surrender to the will of the Palestinian people. On this occasion, is publishing Imam Khamenei's statements in this regard.

The fate of the Arab traitors will not be better than that of the traitorous Jews in the Battle of Ahzab

The Arab traitors should know that their destiny is no more fortunate than that of the Jews of the Battle of the Ahzab. "And He drove down those of the People of the Book who backed them from their fortresses." [The Holy Quran, 33:26] The nations of the world support the people and mujahideen of Gaza. And those governments who do not support the people of Gaza only widen the gap with their people, and their destiny is already clear. If those traitors - Arab governments - are concerned about their existence and reputation, they should remember these words by the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.): "You are dead as long as you are ruled by others. You are alive even if you get killed while fighting for freedom. " [Jan 15, 2009]


What answer do you have to give to the Messenger of God (pbuh)?

This tragic event is unbearable for all Muslims, nay, for any moral and honorable human being living anywhere in the world. However, what is even more tragic and unbearable is the cowardly silence of some Arab governments that claim to be Muslims-which only encourages the enemies. What could be more tragic than the fact that so-called Muslim governments-which should have supported the oppressed people of Gaza against the occupying, infidel (kafer) and warring (mohaareb) Zionist regime-have acted in a way that the criminal Zionist officials have become insolent enough to declare that these Arab governments support and are in agreement with this great tragedy? What explanation do the heads of these countries have before the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.)? How will they justify their inaction to their own peoples, who are undoubtedly bereaved by this tragedy? [Dec 28, 2008]


Disgrace awaits those who officially recognize the fake regime

The Palestinian people should not be asked to recognize this [the Zionist] regime. If someone in the Islamic world makes this mistake and officially recognizes this oppressive regime, in addition to bringing shame and disgrace upon itself, it has also done something useless. Because this regime will not last. [June 4, 2002]


The enemy seeks allies from among the Muslim brothers

This is what the Muslim world needs today. Today, the Islamic community is in need of unity and togetherness. The Muslim world should not let its enemies take advantage of its weaknesses. These enemies are not strong by themselves. What is Israel? The Zionist enemy is nothing compared to the one and a half billion Muslims of the world. Discord in the Muslim world - the weakness which currently exists in the Muslim world - provides the weak enemy with the opportunity to find solutions for its problems and find allies from among Muslims. [Jul 6, 2009]


Changing the situation in Palestine depends on the unity of the Muslims

If Muslims are united, Palestine will not be in the situation that it is in now. Today, Palestine is in a difficult situation. Gaza and the West Bank are in a difficult situation, both in different ways. Today, the people of Palestine are under serious pressures on a daily basis. They want to erase the issue of Palestine from the minds of people and consign it to oblivion. They want to, as they say, busy the West Asian region, including our own countries – this is an extraordinarily sensitive and strategic region, it is a sensitive region in terms of geography, natural resources and sea passageways - with themselves. They want Muslims to stand up against Muslims and Arabs against Arabs. They want them to target and destroy one another so that the armies of Muslim countries – particularly those armies that are neighboring the Zionists – weaken on a daily basis. This is their goal. [Dec 17, 2016]


Establishing relations with the Zionists is a dagger stabbed into the back of the Islamic nation

As for regional matters, the region has become a turbulent region today. When we take a look at it, we see America’s footprint again. The Saudi government has publicly established relations with the Zionist regime and it has made its comings and goings official. This is stabbing the Islamic Ummah in the back. There is no doubt that what the Saudis have done – overt relations with the Zionist regime – is really a dagger that has been pushed into the body of the Islamic Ummah from behind. They have committed high treason. They have committed a sin. However, on this matter too, America’s hand is involved. Because the Saudi government follows America, because it is possessed by it, and because it obeys its orders, it has made this grave mistake. America is involved in this matter too. [Aug 1, 2016]


Why is Palestine alone?

If the world of Islam is united, Palestine should not be alone today. If it is united, a government that is based on the votes of the people of Palestine should not be under pressure and it should not be threatened with cutting support unless it abandons its principles. The world of Islam should announce its support of the people and officials of Palestine with one voice. It should support their insistence on adhering to their principles. If this happens, those who have caused the disaster of the people and country of Palestine will not be able to make such extravagant claims. Despite all these crimes against the people of Palestine, the so-called European philanthropists and supporters of human rights are completely silent as if they were deaf and blind. However, when a Palestinian government gains power on the basis of the votes and wishes of the people, they speak and adopt hostile positions against it. This originates from the disunity of the world of Islam and from the selfishness of outstanding personalities and politicians in the world of Islam. [Apr 16, 2006]


A warning to the Islamic world

They are seeking to dominate the entire Islamic world. If Muslim nations do not take the threats posed by the arrogant powers seriously and offer no resistance to their plots, no country in the Islamic world, from Africa to the Middle East and to East Asia, will be immune from their aggression and encroachment. This is a warning to the Islamic world. [Apr 26, 2005]


The rulers of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia know that cooperation with Israel will be to their detriment

Today, the issue of Palestine is among the most important issues of the world of Islam, actually, it is the most important one. That is while they organize a summit in Bahrain, at the command of the US, on destroying the issue of Palestine. The rulers of Bahrain should know that they are pulling the rug from under their own feet. They should not be deceived by the Saudis. They, as well as the Saudis, are pulling the rug from under their own feet and this will end in their own disadvantage: “And so will they continue to spend, but in the end they will have only regrets and sighs.” [The Holy Quran, 8: 36]

Today, the world of Islam needs this. The problems of the world of Islam will be resolved if Muslims cooperate in harmony with one another. We should work to that end. The intellectuals of the world of Islam are responsible. The ulama of the world of Islam are responsible. [Jun 5, 2019]


Negotiations with the usurping regime will delay the victory of the Palestinian people

Today, the return to dignity and authority of the Islamic Ummah relies upon resistance against the Front of Arrogance and its vicious plots; the matter of Palestine is at the heart of all international challenges that the Islamic Ummah faces while fighting against the Front of Arrogance. Moving towards negotiations with the cunning, usurper, and untruthful regime is an irreversible mistake that would delay the victory of the Palestinian nation; and it will bring about nothing other than detriment for the oppressed nation. Act of Betrayal by some Arab leaders, which is gradually revealing itself, pursues the same goal [as delaying the victory of the Palestinian nation]. The only cure is strengthening the resistance within the Muslim World, reinforcing the fight against the usurper Zionist regime and its allies. [Apr 4, 2018]


The Palestinian people have proven the falsehood of the compromisers’ claims

The problem with “compromise” is not only that it legitimizes a usurping regime by violating the rights of a nation – of course, this is a grave and unforgivable mistake in itself – rather the problem is that it is completely at odds with the current condition of Palestine and that it does not take into account the expansionist, oppressive and greedy characteristics of the Zionists. However, by grasping their opportunities, these people have managed to prove the inaccuracy of those who support compromise. As a result of this, a kind of national consensus has emerged about the correct methods of fighting for asserting the true rights of the Palestinian nation. [Feb 21, 2017]


Complete rejection of compromise and condemnation of reactionary countries’ efforts for compromise are of the provisions of the Islamic Jihad Movement’s plan

Placing great emphasis on fighting, complete rejection of compromise agreements, insisting on the unity of Palestinian groups and condemning the efforts of some reactionary countries for compromise with the enemy are among the important articles of this plan.[Dec 14, 2016]


Governments that host Zionist embassies cannot claim to defend Palestine 

After the people have stepped into the arena and shouted slogans against the Zionist regime in a powerful way, on what logical basis do Muslim governments continue their relations with the usurping Zionist regime? The proof of Muslim governments' honesty lies in their support for the Palestinian nation and in their decision to break off their overt and secret political and economic relations with the Zionist regime. The governments that host Zionist embassies or economic offices cannot claim to defend Palestine and no anti-Zionist slogan on their part will be considered serious and genuine. [Oct 1, 2011]


Arab governments should at least stand by their Arab identity

Palestine has no way other than resistance. The people of Palestine should say and want this and Islamic governments should echo it. Of course, many Arab governments dismally failed their test on the issue of Gaza and other issues before that. They failed dismally. Whenever there was a talk about the issue of Palestine, they said, "The issue of Palestine is the issue of Arabs". But when it was time for action, the issue of Palestine was completely removed from their equations. Instead of helping Palestine and the Palestinians, instead of helping their Arab brothers and instead of being committed to their Arabic principles - even if they do not believe in Islam - all of them left the arena. They failed dismally in this test and these things will be recorded in history. [Feb 27, 2010]


Betrayal of Palestine: Forgetting the Qur’an

We should think of unity among the Islamic Ummah. I would like to offer words of advice to the countries and governments which forget what the Quran has requested from them. They have forgotten this. The ayahs which were recited here say, “And those who are with him are strong against unbelievers, but compassionate among each other.” [The Holy Quran, 48: 29] However, those individuals are strong against believers, compassionate to unbelievers. They are the opposite. Are they Muslims? Whenever English policies which occurred in the past – and American policies today – infiltrated and entered into Islamic countries, such cases of fitna showed up. They create discord, hatred and hostility both among Islamic countries and inside a country. [Jun 5, 2019]


The commitment of the Islamic world to unity will change the situation of Palestine

Of course, there are different levels for unity. There are different levels for the unity of the world of Islam. The lowest level is that Islamic societies, Islamic countries, Islamic governments, Islamic ethnicities and Islamic denominations avoid transgressing against, confronting and harming one another. This is the first step. A higher level is that as well as refusing to harm one another, the world of Islam should join hands against a common enemy and that they should defend one another with true and sufficient unity. This is a higher step. Yet, a higher level is that Islamic countries and nations should add to one another. Islamic countries are not the same in terms of science, wealth, security and political power and they can help and add to one another. Those who are on a higher level in every area should take the hands of those who are lower. This is another level of unity.

A higher level is that the entire world of Islam becomes united in order to achieve the new Islamic civilization. This is something that the Islamic Republic has chosen as its ultimate goal: achieving an Islamic civilization, one that is compatible with the requirements of the present era: a new Islamic civilization. These are different levels of unity.

What was the lowest level? The lowest level was that Islamic countries should avoid confronting each other and stand together in the face of a common enemy. If we had just observed this point, we would not have faced so many calamities in the world of Islam today. The issue of Palestine is the gravest disaster for the world of Islam. This is because they threw a people out of their home and their country, replacing them with others who in turn dominated that land and pressured the owners. This is the condition of Gaza and such is the crimes that the Zionists commit there, as you can see. And the other side of Palestine – the West Bank – is in no better condition either. If the world of Islam had committed itself to this lowest level of unity, these things would not have happened and the enemy would not have dared do such things. [Nov 15, 2019]


Islamic unity: A threat to Arrogance

This is a threat to them. The existence of a billion and a half Muslims and the existence of all these Islamic countries with all these resources and with such extraordinary manpower is a threat to them! If they are united and if they move towards their Islamic goals with unity, then global powers will not be able to beat the drum of their power anymore. [Dec 17, 2016]

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