The great maraje and scholar's verdicts about reverence of companions and the prophet's(PBUH)wifes

The best Greetings to you;

As you are well-informed, today the Muslims in the world are in a critical situation. On the one hand, the Islamic awakening and the fall of the dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and on the other hand, the conspiracies of global powers led by the United States of America and their allies in giving rise to Islamophobia and exciting religious and ethnical seditions have created greatly dangerous and difficult conditions.

Innumerable Sunni and Shi’a Muslims have been martyred by the ignorant and deceived people who commit suicide attacks, explode and attack the residential areas, demolish the buildings, steal and plunder the properties of people and thus have caused a serious crisis.

The oppressed Shi’a in Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Syria, Afghanistan ,Indonesia and some other countries are in more grave and serious danger. In recent weeks, hundreds of them have been killed or wounded in the enemies’ suicide missions; they have been ejected from their houses, expelled from their countries, and forced to emigrate from their homelands.

The issue of the accusations leveled at the Muslims is of great importance, as they have been used as a pretext for those who accuse the others of heresy. Such groups are being brainwashed into committing these suicide missions .They accuse the Shi’a of cursing the companions and insulting the things Sunnis hold sacred and, therefore, regard them as deserving death . Unfortunately, on this accusation, they have martyred thousands of Shi’a people in different countries of the world, and such actions which are contrary to the most fundamental Islamic tenets, are being continued. This is while the Islamic revolution of Iran led by Grand Ayatollah Khomeini has always been the pioneer of unity among Muslim nations, and the other religious authorities as well have taken important and decisive steps towards this goal. Thus, we beg to know your opinion with regard to the insults and offences to the things considered sacred to the Muslims, including the wives and companions of the Prophet, the discord and division they have caused among the followers of the Holy Prophet and the suicide attacks and explosions. The spread of your ideas throughout the world would defend the rights of Muslims specially the Shi’a and prevent more massacre and bloodshed.

Wishing you ever-increasing success, longevity and health.

Supreme leaders’ representative for Haj and the head of Iranian pilgrims