True repentance and its conditions

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True repentance and its conditions

We humans, if someone repeats his wrongdoing several times or if his sin is very big, we may not forgive him and forever deprive him of forgiveness and cut off our relationship with him.

But the merciful Allah has always opened the way for people to repent, and if someone truly repents, Allah will forgive all his sins, even if they are very big.

One of the attributes of Allah is Tawwab (very accepting of repentance) and this attribute is mentioned five times for Allah in the Holy Quran.

This attribute shows that Allah never gets tired of accepting the repentance of sinful servants, and if a person breaks his repentance hundreds of times and does true repentance again, the Merciful Allah will accept his repentance.

Allah says: Then indeed your Lord, to those who commit evil out of ignorance and then repent after that, and reform indeed, after that, your Lord will surely be all-forgiving, all-merciful.

(Quran, 16, 119)

The above verse indicates that if someone commits sins out of ignorance and under the influence of carnal desires and satanic temptations and then truly repents and corrects his actions and behaviors and compensate his past as much as possible, Allah forgives his sins.

True repentance has four conditions, which are:

1- Regret for past bad deeds.

2- Serious determination to leave sins forever.

3- Paying the rights of people as much as it is possible for him.

4- As much as possible, fulfill the obligations that he left.

If someone commits a sin that violates the rights of the people and then apologizes to the people, if the people forgive him, then that person may lose his popularity with the people forever, especially if his sin is very big.

But if a person truly repents, the merciful Allah not only forgives him, but he will also be loved by Allah.

Allah says in this regard: Allah loves those who repent.

(Quran, 2, 222)

Repentance of sins should be done immediately and should not be delayed because it is possible that death comes suddenly to man and he never have a chance to repent, and also the accumulation and increase of sins cause the success of repentance from sins to be taken away from him.

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