Umm Habiba’s charaeter Scetch

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Umm Habiba was one of the prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wives who was Abusufyan ibn Harb ibn Ammayeh ibn Abdolshams ibn ibn Abde Manaf.

In many historians and genealogists point of view she is famous to “Ramla” she was born 17 years before Be’sat in Mace. Her mother was Safiyeh bent Abil As ibn Abdolshams ibn Abde Manaf and she was Osman ibne affan’s paternal aunt . Ramal got married with Obay dullah ibn Jahsh Asadi the brother of Zeynab bint Jahsh one of the prophet’s (PBUH) wives. After Be’sat she and Obaydullah were of those initial people who embraced Islam.

Umm Habiba prefered God and his messenger on everything and returning to blasphemy was in decent for her status , like a person who is a afraid of fire.

Abusufyan never thought a person among Quraysh opposes him and ignores him and his orders and objects him in important and basic problems. He was a great leader in Meca who all people followed and obeyed him and his orders. His daughter belived to god and rejected her fathers belives and opposed against blasphemy.

Some people think after Obaydollah embraced Islam , she followed he huasband and she accepted Islam but it wasn’t like that and she embraced Islam with her heartly interest. The evidence for this mother is that she embraced Islam just in the time that Islam was under pressure and hostility by Abusufyan and Bani Umayeh.

She and Obaydullah ibn Jahsh believed to God together and testified the prophet’s mission and embraced Islam.

Abusufiyan used all his power in order to persuade his daughter and son- in- law to their ancestors religion but he couldn’t be successful in this way. There was a real faith in depth of Ramla’s heart that it had captured all her personality and it was stronger than Abusufyan’s power and irritation.

Ramal’s Islam had caused Abusufyan’s distress and Abusufyan who couldn’t make her daughter to obey him wasn’t able to prevent her to follow Muhammad (PBUH) how can face with Quraysh and be their leader .

When Quraysh realized Abusufyan gets unhappy and angry with Ramla and her husband , they got rude and started to bother and torture them physically and mentally until it got intolerable for them to live in Mecca.

When the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) let the Muslims immigrate to Abyssinia, Ramla and her husband and her minor Kid Habiba were of those initial people who immigrated to Abyssinia for sake of God and for protecting their belief and religion and they went under support and refuge of Negus.

Abusufyan and the other headman in Mecca didn’t stop bothering Muslims because it was very intolerable for them to let the Muslims live in Abyssinia in peace and serenity.

They sent their agents to Negus in order to instigate him against Muslims and request him that to render Muslims to them. They wanted to mention that , these Muslims do not have good be life ad idea about Jesus and his mother Miriam in order to distemper Negus.

After the meeting among Negus and agents from Mecca, Negus evoked the headmen of Muhajirs in his convocation and asked them to reveal the reality of their religion and empress their belief about Jesus and his mother Miriam.

Negus asked them to read some Quran verses that were inspired on their prophets heart.

The read some Quran verses for Negus and revealed the reality of Islam for him.

When he was listening to these facts he started to cry till his beard got wet and said certainly whatever has been inspired on your prophet and Jesus were same and they had unit offspring.

Then he proclaimed that he has believed to unique and unit God and testified to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mission and prophecy .

It is necessary to mention that Negus commanders didn’t embrace Islam and they remain Christian .

In spite of that Negus exclaim his support of immigrants who hat refused in to his territory.

Umm Habiba thought that the period of pain and discomfort is finished and now she can take rest .

But she didn’t know that destiny has had another choice for her .

God’s wisdom put her in a very difficult test that many intellectual men probably couldn’t pass this test, but Umm Habiba passed this test successfully.

One night Umm Habiba dreamed a nightmare that her husband Obaydollah is in a billowy and stormy sea and darkness surrounds him.

Umm Habiba woke up with fear and anxiety and she didn’t want to say anybody that dream.

Then very soon that dream came true and tomorrow of that ominous night Obaydollah got apostate and changed his religion from Islam to Christianity.

Then he spend his time in the win shops and started to drink wine days and nights .

Obaydollah gave Umm Habiba two choices either divorce or she must reject Islam and embrace Christianity , Umm Habiba suddenly found herself in front of tree ways.

First of all it she accepts her husband’s invitation to Christianity she has to change he religion and gets apostate and this is a notoriety in this world and hereafter .

In fact she never accepted this matter .

Secondly she has to came bake to her father’s home In Mecca , Where was the fort of blasphemy and she has to live in a very difficult situation in dictatorship atmosphere .

Thirdly she has to stay in Abyssinia without protector and live then in hardship and difficulty .

Umm Habiba chose that way which Good’s satisfaction she decided to stay in Abyssinia

and wait for God’s help .

It didn’t take a long time that a good event happened for her.

Marriage with the prophet Mohammad(PBUH)

As soon as Umm Habiba’s devorce period finished , luck and welfare came to her.

One they morning Negus’ servant Abrahe want to her house and greeted her very

Politely and said :king Negus send the best regard to you and said that Mohammad (PBVH) suited you for himself and he wants to get marry with you.

He put Negus his marriage agent and you can put everybody for your marriage agent.

When Umm Habiba heard this message she got so happy and cried unconsciously God give you welfare message.

Then she started to take of all her jewels ,a pair of shackle a pair of earrings and herrings and gave them to Abrahe as a gift . In fact if she red all treasures in the world , she would have given to Abrahe .

Then she told to Abrahe that ,I chose Khaled ibn Saied ibn As, as marriage agent because she is closer than others to me.

Negus Castle was located on a hill and Then was beautiful trees and it was decorated by valuable carpets with the presence of headmen of the prophets companions such as Jafar ibn Abitalib , Khaled ibn Saied ibn As and Abdollah ibn Hazafe and others who were resident in Abyssinia.

Where they got together Negus talked to them and said:

“I appreciate the glorious God and testify that then is an God except Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is his messenger,

But that you should know that the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked me to tell you that he wants to marry with Umm Habiba and he has given too diner as dowry according to God’s custom and his messenger.

Then Negus gane the dinars to Khaled ibn Saied As and in this time Khaled stood up and Saied :

الحمد لله احمده و استعینه و استغفره و اتوب الیه و اشهد ان محمدا عبده و رسوله ارسله بدین الهدی و الحق لیظهره علی الدین کله و لوکره الکافرین

And I testify that Umm Habiba ,Abusufyan’s danghter all be prophet’s wife an I hope God give them a good life.

And congratulation Umm Habiba that God feyd for her good and welfare .

Khaled took dinars and wanted to bring them for Umm Habiba , he and his companions wanted to finish the meeting .

In this time Negus told them sit down because this is the prophets tradition that in the time of marriage they prepare food.

After that they ate their food and then they went.

Umm Habiba said when I received my dowry , I sent 250 grams gold for Abrahe who had told me this good news.

After that Abrahe came to me and gave back whatever I gave him and told Negus asked me that I shouldn’t accept anything from you and he ordered to his wives that send you good perfumes Tomorrow of that day he brought same perfumes for me and told me I want to talk with you about important matter .

I asked him, what it is? He said : I am Muslim and send my best regards to prophet (PBVH) and tell him that I believe to God and his messenger , and be careful and don’t forget this message and after that he prepared all things that I needed for traveling.

The blessed visit

Umm Habiba’s caravan moved to Medina by ship and gifts that Negus prepared for her.

Near Medina they became aware of that the prophet (PBUH) went out of Medina in order to conquer Kheybar.

When the prophet (PBUH) came back with triumph said:

I don’t know .

I should be happy for victory or for coming of Jafar.

I went to the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and I visit him and I talked about marriage ceremony completely and I gave Abrahe’s message to the prophet (PBVH) .

He became very happy for hearing this news and said:

(و علیه السلام و رحمته الله و برکاته)

Umm Habiba and Safiyeh went to the prophet’s home simultaneously and Osman ibn Affan set a big celebration for his cousin Umm Habiba .

When Abusufyan heard this news got very angry and said:

This man ((the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) )) is a invulnerable person.

Moral Descriptions

Then was in the history that before Mecca conquer Abusufyan cam to Medina for renewing the Hodaybiyeh Peace .

He went to Umm Habiba’s home and wanted to sit on the prophet’s carpet but his daughter didn’t let him to sit on that carpet .

Abusufyan asked her : my daughter I am not proper for this carpet or this carpet is not suitable for me .

Umm Habiba said: this is the prophet’s carpet and you are pagan and unclean and I didn’t want you sit down on it .

Abusufyan said : my dear daughter odd, you’ve involved evil since I haven’t seen you .

Umm Almomenin , Umm Habiba was one of the abstemious and votary women that she prayed a lot and emphasized on religious matters .

She was famous for her good thought and witting and she had a very good relationship with Ayesheh because of this reason it was said that Ayesheh had a very important and effective role in this marriage .

Umm Habiba wants to satisfy he rival wives Ayesheh and Umm Salameh because of this reason she told to Ayesheh whatever that has happened between us may happen among many rival wives so I ask you to forgive me.

Ayesheh said: I forgive you and I ask God to make you happy because you made me happy .

Umm Salame said this matter too.

In Islamic commands she never neglected even though with her father .

When Muslims and Quraysh were stipulating Hodaybiyeh Peace treaty , Abusufan wasn’t in Mecca and his agent who was one of Quraysh headmen signed this treaty .

Bani Khazaeh was Muslim’s confederates and ding to the treaty content Quraysh musn’t remonstrate to this tribe but some idiot and silly people terrified and assailed to Bani Khazaeh tribe .

Quraysh understood that they made mistake and realized if Muslims assail to them , they’ll lose the battle .

Because of this reason they sent Abusufyan to the prophet Muhammad (PBVH) in oder to negotiate with him to emtend the peace treaty to more than 10 years .

While Abusufyan was thinking about peace and war went to Medina .

In the way he was thinking about muslims’ victory and its reason and also the weakness of Quraysh .

He thought that when he arrived at Medina where can he stay ?

He told himself : Ramla is closer than me eventhough she is the prophet’s wife but she is my daughter and I am his father because of this reason she will help me .

Finally, Abusufyan arrived at medina . Before every thing he had to go mosque in medina to visit the prophet (PBVH) when he went there he saw the prophet (PBVH) that he was sitting whit his companions , he talked to the prophet about his problems and tired to satisfy the prophet to extend the treaty period to more than 10 years but the prophet (PBVH) didn’t accept and refused it .

Umm hat Almomenin’s request from the prophet (PBUH)

After some expeditions the prophet’s wives ask him to increase their alimony and develop their lives .

It was said that Umm Habiba asked the prophet a Soholi costume (Soholi : place or tribe in Yaman) .

The prophet (PBUH) left their wives for one month till (verses 28-29) Soorah AlAhzab were revealed on prophet (PBUH) and award the wives , if you want vitreous world’s life you should quit the prophet (PBUH) .

یا ایها النبی قل لازوجک ان کنتن تردن الحیوة الدنیا و زینتها فتعالین امتعکن و استرحکن سراحا جمیلا و ان کنتن تردن الله و رسوله و الدار الاخرة فان الله اعد للمحسنت منکن اجرا عظیما .

“prophet ! Say unto they wives :if you desire the world’s life and its adornment ,come! I will content you and release you with a fair release .

But if you desire Allah and his messenger and the abode of the here after , then lo ! Allah has prepared for the good among you and immense reward.

After descent of these verses the prophet’s wives preferred to stay with prophet .

Then the prophet (PBUH) decided to Share his time and their alimony some how he prefers .

About their requests the verse: (ترجی من تشاء منهن و توی الیک من تشاء...) was revealed .

“Then canst defer whom thou wilt of them and receive unto thee whom thou will and whomsoever thou desires of those whom thou has set aside (temporarily) it is no sin for thee (to receive her again)”

Umm Habiba after the prophet (PBUH) decease

The most news about Umm Habiba’s life after the prophet (PBVH) decease , relate to blockage time and the third caliph , Osman ibn Afan terror . Excellency Osman who was in involved in demonstrators blockage sent a person toward Ali (PBVH) and Umm Habiba and the other prophet’s wives and demanded them food and water .

Ali (PBUH) went to help him but he didn’t succeed .

Then Umm Habiba rode a camel and went toward Osman’s house and told to the demonstrators that I want to recapture Bani Omaye’s devises which are in Osman’s hand because of this reason that orphans and widows chattels may be waste.

She tried to enter Osman’s house to give him food and water but the demonstrators opposed with her and cut her camel’s bridle .

She was nearly falling off the camel but people held her and took her to the house .

After Osman death she sent Osman’s bloody shirt with Naman ibn Bashir toward her brother Moaviyeh , but Moaviyeh used that shirt to instigate people against Ali (PBUH) .

Umm Habiba decease

Accor ding to a narration she has traveled to Damascus and some narrators believe that she passed away there , because in BabAlsaghir cemetery there is a grave that is related to her , but some narrators believe that she passed away in the age of 74 years old in the year of 44 (A.H) in Medina.

Marvan Hakam said prayer on her corpse and she was buried in Baqie cemetery .

Narrative character

Umm Habiba has narrated some Hadithfoom prophet (PBVH) and Zeynab bint Johash .

Her brothers Moaviyeh , Abubakr Saied Saghfi , Aujarah Ghorayshi , Shahr ibn Hoshab , Mosayb ibn Rafea , Asem ibn Abisaleh and the others have told many narrations about her. In Sehah Setteh has been narrated 65 from Umm Habiba about the prophet (PBUH) .

I’ve heard from Umm Habiba, the prophet’s wives : the messenger of Allah told :if a Muslim prays 12 Rakorat Nafeleh prayer during a day and night .God will make him or her a castle in heaven .(narrator Moslem 728)

-Zeynab , Umm Salamme’s daughter narrated from Umm Habiba that , the prophet (PBUH) told that : if a Muslim woman believes to God and her father , she mustn’t quit her make of more than 3 days and It’s not Halal unless a woman that her husband has died for 4 month and 10 days .(AlArbain Alboldaniyeh, Ali ibn Hassan Asker , Beyroot , Darolfekr , 1413 (A.H)

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