Leader: Hajj, symbol of unity and grandeur of Islamic Ummah

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Leader: Hajj, symbol of unity and grandeur of Islamic Ummah

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has emphasized that the Hajj pilgrimage marks a meaningful example of establishment of Islamic Ummah, raising a huge opportunity for maintenance of empathy and solidarity among Muslims, across the world. In the run-up to the glorious Hajj pilgrimage, the Leader of Islamic Revolution received the officials in charge of Hajj rituals, on Saturday, prior to the journey of Iran’s Hajj convoys to Mecca and Medina.

In this meeting, the Leader of Islamic Revolution referred to Hajj pilgrimage as the guarantor of continuation of the sacred religion of Islam, and a symbol of unity and grandeur of the Islamic Ummah. The Leader put emphasis on concurrent focus on the social and personal aspects of Hajj rituals, while naming the transference of the unifying experience of Iranian nation throughout the Hajj pilgrimage as a factor that leads to reinforcement of solidarity, empathy, and power of the Islamic Ummah.

In the past few years, the World of Islam has faced the conspiracy of the foes of Islam, and the ignorance and prejudice of a number of sects, attributed to Muslims. Meanwhile, throughout these years, the foes of Islam have mainly targeted the solidarity and unity of the Islamic Ummah. Magnification of the ethnic and sectarian prejudices has mainly targeted the unifying nature of Islam, and is one of the main leverages of the enemies in provocation of ethnicities and sects, so that somehow a sense of hatred and discord would prevail in the Islamic world under the pretext of these disputes.

The picture that is current displayed in the majority of Islamic countries doesn’t reflect empathy and sympathy in these communities; while the suspicious groups and outfits which are affiliated to the enemies of Islam, have derailed the attention of Muslims from their arch enemies, including Zionists, in addition to pitting Muslims against each other.

In the view of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, the root cause of failure of some Islamic groups within the Islamic awakening current, in the recent years, has been a lack of a proper identification of friends and enemies. Upon the unwavering financial support of the Global Arrogance; dozens of ideological and political centers in the US, Europe, occupied Palestine, and the related affiliated states are studying Islam and Shia, in a futile bid to identify and activate the causes that counter the awakening and empowerment of the Islamic Ummah.

Meanwhile, the grand Iranian nation has always maintained national unity.

The Iranian nation, throughout the Islamic Revolution and the imposed war, and in the current juncture in time, in which sectarian strife has raged in neighboring countries, has defended its nationality and home country, and has prioritized the ideals of the Islamic Ummah, such as liberation of Holy Qods.

Within the Abrahamic Hajj rituals, Muslims gather and target the symbol of Satan.

Meanwhile, as the Leader of Islamic Revolution rightly pointed out, transference of the unifying experiences of the Iranian nation to other nations throughout the Hajj pilgrimage can foil the plots hatched to somehow sabotage the true image of Islam, and to pit nations against each other.

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