This Snake Eats Its Own Tail!

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1-The news reached the city of Medina and spread overnight. The enemies of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) had put aside their age-old hostilities and differences, geared up to attack Medina as coalition forces. Their mission: To uproot the new-born Islam and finish its small number of followers – just like the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war on Iran, or the 2008 post-presidential election unrest.

The Prophet (SAWA) agreed to a proposal by his companion Salman Farsi and ordered his followers to dig up trenches around the besieged city in order to stop the imminent invasion and minimize casualties. While digging a trench, someone’s pick hit a rock and sparked. Right then, the Prophet (SAWA) said, “Through the flash of that pick I saw the collapse of Rome and Iran” - the two superpowers of those days.

There were some who might have thought otherwise, especially seeing the small army of Muslims and the dominant infidel forces! But it didn’t take long for the Muslim army to conquer Rome and Iran - and finish their repressive rulers. Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was no longer among them to see this conquest – but he must have seen it from above.

2-In the early years of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (1980s), we saw a parallel war of parties, during which enemies of Iran from within and outside had formed a coalition. The superpowers of the East and the West had put aside their differences in order to put off the flames of Islamic Revolution. In those days, the materialistic eyes saw no chance for the newly-established Islamic Republic.

But the late Imam Khomeini saw the day in which the days of oppressive regimes across the region were numbered. He heard the fall of hegemonic powers and said, “I can say with confidence that Islam will rout the hegemonic powers. Islam will conquer its internal and external barriers one after the other, before conquering the key global fronts.”

The late Imam further maintained that, “The days of cul-de-sac, desperation and living in the lands of infidels are over, because people are on the scene. We hope this will also be the case for all Muslims to live in freedom and peace. We seek to uproot Zionism, Capitalism, and Communism. Sooner or later, nations will see this day. Today, the world pines for the immaculate religion of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). Our war is the war of ideology, with no geographical boundaries. God will help us overlook the hardship of battle with the sweet taste of enemy’s defeat. Is there anything sweater than seeing the Iranian nation hit the US like a thunder?”

3- The late Imam made all these predictions those days, and without their records no one could have ever been able to recount them now. Indeed, he saw these fateful events and defining moments before anyone else could. It is as if the late Imam is from above recounting these events unfold across the globe. Isn’t it true that the unfolding events in the Muslim world and beyond are what he saw coming decades ago?!

4- These fundamental events (read: revolutions) unfolding across the globe are faster than anyone could possibly make out. In fact, many have been caught off guard. People were still fixating their eyes on Tunisia and the fate of its fugitive ruler Bin Ali, when the second revolution ignited in Egypt, toppling its pro-Israel and Pro-West puppet regime. While the world fixated its eyes on Egypt, similar revolutions began in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, and of course, Saudi Arabia.

The eyes were focused on the Middle East and North Africa, when we heard Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei talk about the imminent wave of awakening in the heart of the West, where people would take to the streets in Britain, Greece, Italy, Spain, Australia and the United States.

The Washington Post tells President Barack Obama to “leave the Middle East alone because the real threat is here at home.” The Daily Mail quotes Alvin Toffler, an American writer and futurist, as saying to the European Union something about Iran’s Islamic Revolution 25 years ago: “The Khomeini movement is not restricted to the Muslim world. This man is calling on all Muslims to fight Secularism.”

Shimon Peres talks about the memoirs of Moshe Dayan on October 6, 1979, in which Dayan refers to the Islamic Revolution in Iran “as an earthquake that shook the foundations of Israel.” American strategist Immanuel Wallerstein likewise acknowledges that “the US has dealt with many crises in the past, with solution for each and every one. These solutions were nonetheless some sort of solution, difficult or easy. But there is no solution for the current crisis in the US and Europe.”

Top Arab-American economist Samir Amin (also a critic of Capitalism) talks about the ongoing protests in the US and Europe. He says, “Until now, Capitalism thrived by devouring the economic resources of other nations. But now that there’s nothing left to gulp down, it has turned into a snake that is eating its own tail.”

Likewise, Zionist columnist Zirahuen Duvoir, writes in an article for the French Le Post that, “This revolt (read uprising) which the West is desperate to call the Arab Spring, is part of the Iranian ideology. It is the spearhead of a global revolution, in which Islam will conquer the world. What has happened in the Muslim world, and what is happening in the US and Europe, is indeed the beginning of a grand victory for Iran.”

In between, we can still remember what the late Imam Khomeini had said years ago: “Islam will conquer all internal and external barriers one after the other, before conquering the key global fronts.”

5- The eyes cannot catch up with the ongoing developments and revolutions. The wave of revolution has given a new lease of life to the Muslim world, and it is spreading even further. The wave of awakening only conquered few fronts and the linemen were counting the costs and building new systems based on Islamic beliefs and values, when it suddenly began to engulf the land of Vikings and Yankees.

In September 17, many took to the streets in New York referring to their movement as “Occupy Wall Street”. Some US officials and a number of naïve elites were quick to dismiss the protesters as a bunch of dissatisfied and jobless Americans, whose movement would die out soon. But Leon Panetta, former CIA chief and present Defense Secretary, said he was worried. Soon the protests spread to almost 100 cities across the US, where thousands of cultural-economic activists and students joined the protesters. No wonder the White House officials could not hide their worries any longer.

The protesters are calling the Wall Street and Manhattan their “Tahrir Square”, holding signs that read “Enough of Capitalism.” This clearly means the situation is far worse than what the US officials would like us to believe. The American protesters are unmistakably shouting that “Capitalism is our main problem.”

6- Except for the late Imam Khomeini and his successor Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, others couldn’t see these developments and revolutions coming. Our Supreme Leader once said so astutely that: “Today, the US is at its weakest point in history, whilst Islamic Iran spends its golden years.”

Equally, the late Imam Khomeini once said: “The US can’t do a damn thing.” In his words: The hegemonic powers rule the world not by their military strength, but by bullying other nations. The US is like a timid and toothless lion that has no mace or mane. From time to time it roars just to scare others, and “sometimes it also releases something.”!


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