Arbaeen walk, a momentous phenomenon

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Arbaeen Walk 2019 Arbaeen Walk 2019

It is the time of Arbaeen: a good time for those who are in the middle of their walk or those who will participate in the walk--joining the Arbaeen pilgrimage--for reciting the beautiful ziarat of the day of Arbaeen, God Willing, addressing our great Imam (as). We watch the steps from here with enthusiasm and wistfully:

Thousands are walking and my heart is keen, and I wonder 
How I can also become part of the interior. (A poem)

Thank God, our youth have found the path: millions of people from our country, from Iraq and other countries, move in this direction. The walk of Arbaeen represents one of the extraordinary events that the Almighty God granted us and created for us: it has become an emblem. 
The walk of Arbaeen existed always, but there was not this great movement: a magnificent and beautiful emblem of followers and lovers of AhlulBayt. We didn’t have this; the Almighty God blessed us and gave this to us; we should be grateful.

Imam Khamenei, November 6, 2017

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