14 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) Quotes about Lady Fatima (AS)

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14 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) Quotes about Lady Fatima (AS)

1. Loving Lady Fatima (AS)

Whoever loves my daughter, Fatima (AS), will be with me in heaven, and whoever holds grudges against her will reside in hell. 

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.27, p.116.


2. The Best in Worshiping Allah

Fatima (AS) is the best companion in the path toward serving and worshiping Allah.

 Bihar al-Anvar, vol.43, p.117.


3. The Dearest

Fatima (AS) is the dearest of people to me.

Al-Shaykh al-Saduq, Al-Amali, p.259.


4. Lady Fatima (AS), the Joy of Her Father's Heart 

Fatima is of my flesh, who is the light of my eyes and the warmth of my heart.

Al-Shaykh al-Saduq, Al-Amali, p.486.  

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5. Injustice to Lady Fatima (AS)

Woe to whoever does wrong to my daughter, Fatima (AS), after my death.

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.73, p.354.


6. Paying a Visit to Lady Fatima (AS)

Visiting Fatima (AS) equals to visiting me.

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.43, p.58.

7. Part of Her Father, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

O’ Fatima (AS)! You are part of me, and I part of you.

 Bihar al-Anvar, vol.43, p.32.


8. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)'s Deep Love for Her

O’ Fatima (AS)! I’m ready to give my life for you!

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.22, p.490.


9. A Heavenly Angel

Fatima (AS) is an angel who smells like heaven. 

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.87, p.112.


10. An Avid Worshipper 

Verily, Allah has poured faith and belief into the veins of Fatima (AS); thus, she is consistent in worshiping Allah. 

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.24, p.74.


11. Lady Fatima (AS)'s Marriage

I did not give permission for Fatima (AS)’s marriage until I received Allah’s command as to her marriage. 

Al-Shaykh al-Saduq, Uyoun Akhbar Al-Ridha, vol.2, p.59. 

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12. Lady Fatima (AS)'s Status

My daughter’s light is of Allah, and her status is higher than heaven and earth.

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.15, p.10.

13. The Four Honored Women

Heaven looks forward to four women: Mary, the daughter of Joachim, Asyia, pharaoh’s wife, Khadija, Khuwailad’s daughter, and Fatima (AS), Muhammad (PBUH&HP)’s daughter. 

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.43, p.53.


14. Asking Allah's Pardon for Others

O’ Fatima! I give you the glad tiding of holding a high status in Allah’s regard, which provides you with the power to ask pardon for other people. 

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.76, p.359.

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