Why is the Intl. Quds Day so important?

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Why is the Intl. Quds Day so important?

The Late Imam Khomeini designated the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan as the International Quds Day in order to open a new phase of solidarity with Palestinians and invite Muslim and freedom-loving nations to be vigilant in the face of Zionism and global arrogance.

The International Quds Day has turned into the symbol of unity, integrity and cohesion among Muslim nations when it comes to the Palestinian cause and the occupation of al-Quds as the most important issue of the Islamic world; therefore, Muslims commemorate the Day on last Friday of Ramadan each year.

Muslim and freedom-seeking nations hold ceremonies, rituals and demonstrations in order to support the rights of the Palestinians to rule their own ancient country and decide their own fate as well as the Palestinian refugees’ rights to come back to their homeland.

The participants of the demonstration want to reveal the criminal nature of the fake regime and underline that the Zionist regime is the main and common enemy of Muslim nations and the whole human-beings.

The international supports for the cause of Palestine have strengthened the might of resistance in the region. The Palestinian resistance groups have increased their rocket power as a deterrent tool to stop Zionists’ expansionist policy.

This year’s International Quds Day is the same as the previous years’ demonstrations. Given the regional and global developments of the recent year, holding such demonstrations show the doctrine of the Islamic world and the resistance movement in the face of enemies’ plots. The event will reveal the nature of certain Arab states who pursue the normalization of ties with the criminal regime that is the main enemy of the Muslim nations.

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