The Merits of Imam Ali through the words of Allah's Messenger

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v The Prophet said, "The verse of purification was revealed concerning five people: myself, ALI, Hassan, Hussein, and Fatima." (Is'af Al-Raghibeen, p. 116; Sahih Muslim, Kitab Fada'il Al-Sahaba)v

The Prophet said, “Every prophet has an executor and inheritor, and my executor and inheritor is ALI.” (Kanz Al-Umal, 6/158; Tarikh Baghdad of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 11/173; Shawahid Al-Tanzil, 2/223; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 94)v

The Prophet said, “The most knowledgeable person in my nation after me is ALI .” (Manaqib Al-Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib of Ibn Al-Maghazeli Al-Shafi'i.)v

The Prophet said, “There is no sword but Dhul-Fiqar, and there is no man but ALI.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 2/385; Sunan Al-Bayhaqi, 3/376; Ibn Al Maghazeli, 197; Al-Tabari, 2/514; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/190)


v The Prophet said, “The carrier of my flag in this life and the Hereafter is ALI.” (Kanz Al-Umal, 6/122; Al-Tabari, 2/201; Al-Khawarizmi, 250; Al-Fada’il of Ahmad, 253; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 42/200)


v The Prophet said, “My Lord commanded me to close all the doors except the door of ALI.” (Al-Khasa’ith of Al-Nisa’i, 13; Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisapuri, 3/125; Al-Tirmidhi, 13/173; Al-Bayhaqi, 7/65; Yanabi Al-Mawda, 282; Musnad Ahmad, 4/369; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 245; Yanabi^ Al Mawda, 126)


v The Prophet said, “The truest believers are three: the believer during the time of Alyasa, the believer during the time of Pharaoh, and the best of all, ALI.” (Al-Manaqib of Ahmad, 194, 239; Kanz Al-Umal, 5/31; Al-Jami’ of Al-Suyuti, 2/83; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 245; Yanabi^ Al-Mawda, 12)


v The Prophet said, “The one who wants to live my life and die my death will attach himself to ALI.” (Musnad of Ahmad, 5/94; Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/128; Kenz Al Omal, 6/217; Al-Tabarani)


v The Prophet said, “The caller will call out on the Day of Judgment, ‘O Muhammad, blessed be your father, and Ibrahim, and blessed be your brother, ALI.” (Al-Fadha’il of Ahmad, 253; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 67; Al-Khawarizmi, 83; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/201)


v The Prophet said, “Dear God, don’t take my life until you have shown me the face of ALI.” (Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/201; Al-Fadha’il of Ahmad, 253; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 67; Akhtab Khawarizm, 83)


v The Prophet said, “We were created from the same tree, I and ALI .” (Al Tirmidhi, 13/178; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 122; Asad Al-Ghaba, 4/26; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/216)


v The Prophet said, “Embellish your gatherings by mentioning ALI .” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/109; Musnad Ahmad, 4/368, 5/419; Al-Khasa’is of Al-Nisa’I, 9; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 16; Al-Manaqib of Akhtab Khawarizm, 94; Tarikh Baghdad of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 8/290; Yanabi^ Al Mawda)

v The Prophet said, “I am the warner, and the guide after me is ALI.” (Musnad Ahmad, 1/151; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/135; Al-Khasa’is of Al-Nisa’I, 20; Kenz Al-Omal, 1/247; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 222)


v The Prophet said, “Exemption from the Hellfire comes with love for ALI.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 2/241; Tarikh Baghdad of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 6/851; Akhtab Khawarizm, 86; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 90)


v The Prophet said, “There would not be one sufficient for Fatima if God had not created ALI.” (Hiliyat Al-Awliya’, 1/34; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/177; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 242; Al-Khawarizmi, 42; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 112)


v The Prophet said, “For the one who believes and trusts in me, I recommend the sainthood of ALI.” (Al-Jami' of Al-Suyuti, 1/230; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/168; Tarikh Baghdad of Al Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 1/316; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 49; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 266)


v The Prophet said, “The first of you to reach the Pond is the first of you who accepted Islam: ALI.” (Kenz Al-Omal, 6/154; Al-Tabarani, 5/32; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 1/165; Dhaka’ir Al-'Aqil, 65; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 230)


v The Prophet said, “No one is permitted on the Bridge except by the sainthood of ALI .” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 15; Al-Isti'ab, 2/457)


v The Prophet (s) said, “No one can give account of me but ALI.” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 119, 242; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/177; Yanabi^ Al-Mawda, 112, 419; Al-Khawarizmi, 253.)


v The Prophet said, “There is a tree in Paradise called Tuba. Its roots are in the house of ALI, and its branches are ALI.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/109; Musnad Ahmad, 4/370; Al-Khasa’is of Al-Nisa’i, 25; Al-Tirmidhi; Al-Tabarani.)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the distinguisher between truth and falsehood.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/132; Musnad Ahmad, 1/331; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 92)


v The Prophet said, “The most righteous one is ALI .” (Al-Bayhaqi, 4/35; Kenz Al-Omal, 7/176; Al-Jami' of Al-Suyuti, 2/276; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 93)


v The Prophet said, “The hand of ALI and my hand are equal in justice.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/14; Al-Tabari, 2/272; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/299; Ibn Al-Maghazali)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is my brother in this life and the Hereafter.” (Al-Khasa’is of Al-Nisa’i, 5; Al-Tirmidhi; Yanabi^ Al-Mawda, 61; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 37; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 57)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the best of humanity, and the one who denies it has blasphemed.” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 129; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 233; Tarikh Baghdad of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 5/37; Al-Khawarizmi, 235)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the door of servitude, and whoever passes through that door is a true believer.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori; Kanz Al-Umal, 6/156; Al Dilmi)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the Imam of goodness, the fighter against iniquity, the helper of those who come to his aid, and the deserter of those who desert him.” (Kanz Al Umal, 6/153; Al-Darqutni)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the Imam of the pious, the prince of believers, and the leader of the resplendent.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisapuri, 3/129; Kanz Al-Umal, 6/153)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is to me what Harun was to Musa.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/137; Ibn Al-Maghazali, 65, 104; Al-Tabarani; HAliyat Al-Awliya’, 1/63; Akhtab Khawarizm, 229)


v The Prophet said, “ALI holds a right over this nation like the right of a father over his son.” (Muslim, 2/361; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/299; Al-Hakim, 3/130; Musnad Ahmad, 3/198; Al-Nisa’i, 7; Asad Al Ghaba, 3/40)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is with the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is with Ali.” (Al Bukhari, 5/19; Muslim, 2/360; Al-Tirmidhi, 5/304; Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/109; Ibn Majah, 1/28; Musnad Ahmad, 3/328)


v The Prophet said, “ALI and his Partisans are the successful ones.” (Ibn Al Maghazeli, 47; Mizan Al-'Itidal, 2/313)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the door of my knowledge, and the one who will clarifies for my nation that which I was sent with.” (Tafsir Al-Tabari, 3/171; Shawahid Al-Tanzil, 2/356; Al Darr Al-Manthour, 6/379; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 61)

v The Prophet said, “Love for ALI is faith, and hatred for Ali is hypocrisy.” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 67; Al-Khawarizmi, 236; Fara’id Al-Samateen; Yanabi' Al-Mawda)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the partition between Heaven and Hell.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/127; Kenz Al-Omal, 5/30; Al-Jami' of Al-Suyuti, 1/374; Al-Tirmidhi; Ibn Maghazeli, 80)


v The Prophet said, “The position of ALI amongst the people is like Surat Ikhlas in the Qur’an.” (Muslim, 1/48; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/299; Al-Nisa’i, 27; Musnad Ahmad, 6/299; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 191)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the beloved between two friends, myself and Ibrahim.” (Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 88; Fara’id Al-Samatin; Al-Abrar; Moniq Ibn Ahmad Al-Khawarizmi)


v The Prophet said, “Whoever splits with ALI has split with me, and whoever splits with me has split with God.” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 45; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 181)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is from me and I am from him, and he is the protector of every true believer after me.” (Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 69; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 125)


v The Prophet said, “ALI is the most beloved of God and His Prophet in all of creation.” (Kanz Al-Umal, 5/33; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/211; Ibn Al-Maghazali, 219)


v The Prophet said, “Mentioning ALI is a form of worship, and looking upon him is a form of worship.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisapuri, 3/123; Kenz Al Omal, 6/156; Al-Tabarani; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 240, 278; Al-Khawarizmi, 62)


v The Prophet said, “Love for ALI is a good deed, so don’t ruin it with bad deeds.” (Al-Tabarani; Yanabi' Al-Mawda, 2/3)


v The Prophet said, “ALI holds the position of the Ka^aba.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisapuri, 3/122; Musnad Ahmad, 3/82; Al-Tabarani, 6/155; Kanz Al-Umal)


v The Prophet said, “ALI stands in relation to me as my head to my body.” (Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/141; Al-Jami^ of Al-Suyuti, 1/583; Tarikh Baghdad of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, 1/51; Hiliyat Al-Awliya’, 1/182; Al-Riyadh Al-Nudhra, 2/219)


v The Prophet said, “ Fatima is more beloved to me than you, oh ALI, and you are dearer to me than her.” (Majmu'a Al-Zawa’id, v. 9, p. 202; Al-Jami' Al-Sagheer, v. 2, p. 654, n. 5761; Muntakhab Kenz Al-Omal, v. 5, 97; Asad Al-Ghaba, v. 5, p. 522; Yanabi' Al-Mawadda, v. 2, ch. 56, p. 79; Al-Sawaiq Al-Muhariqa, ch. 3, p. 191)

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