Is Iran after building nuclear weapon? (suspicion)

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Is Iran after building nuclear weapon? (suspicion)

By: M.A.Shahhosseini

From the advent of the establishment of Islamic Republic of Iran, its enemies and the opposition have strived hard to block the progress of the Islamic Revolution in all different fields with different pretexts. One area for their propaganda campaign was the national nuclear program they wanted to stop the program to generate nuclear energy and its application to produce medicines to fight cancer and fertilizers needed in agriculture. They wanted to cast doubts and induce a big lie as “Iran is after building nuclear weapon; to make the world public opinion believe that the Islamic Revolution is to produce weapons of mass destruction to imperil world peace.

Of course, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has made it clear that the enemies are using the national nuclear program as a pretext for their propaganda against Iran, so that they use the nuclear issue as a pretext to impose sanctions on Iran. That is to say that our enemies are bringing up pretexts everyday to challenge the Islamic Iran and they have currently focused on the nuclear program. Everybody knows that major decisions in Iran are taken only by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as the Islamic Jurisprudent (the source of religious emulation (Marja’) and as the great political leader as well. Here is the Supreme Leader's edict about the nuclear dispute the western governments developed with the Islamic Republic of Iran:

"Enemies create controversy with the uproars. The purpose of the uproars they cause is to stop us while they really know that we are not after nuclear weapons. They already know this. I do not have any doubts that in the countries that are opposed to us, the organizations in charge of decision-making are fully aware that we are not after nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are not at all beneficial to us. Moreover, from an ideological and fiqh (jurisprudence) perspective, we consider developing nuclear weapons as unlawful. We consider using such weapons as a big sin and keeping such weapons as futile and dangerous as well; so we will never go after them. They well know this, but they stress the issue in order to stop our movement.

We are to prove to the world that nuclear weapons do not bring about power. This is because even those who enjoy nuclear powers nowadays are suffering from the biggest problems within. Although they have dominated over the world through nuclear threats, but today such threats are no longer effective. We want to say that we are not after nuclear weapons, and that we do not believe nuclear weapons bring about any power and authority, and that we can disregard and even smash the kind of so-called power that is based on nuclear weapons. By Allah's favor, our nation will do this".

Moreover, as Iran is a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), it has accordingly stuck to its commitments in NPT and has always called for the elimination of all nuclear arsenals and also called for the approval of an action plan for nuclear disarmament. In fact Iranians follow the case not as an intellectual gesture, but based on their religious believes. So how such a people can proliferate nuclear weapons?

Some may claim that it is not that much economical to save this huge amount of expenditures for not to produce nuclear weapons? Yes, it is not that much cost-effective and reasonable because Iranian’s nuclear steadfastness for their legitimate right has brought about too many achievements so that they do not think of resorting to nuclear weapons. The achievements are well mentioned in all the sermons and remarks by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, a review of which prove that Iranians have achieved much more from nuclear resistance than producing nuclear weapons. The achievements are as follows: )1(

1- Acquiring indigenous knowledge

2- Building and reinforcing national Self-Confidence

3- Accessing to more economical energy without feeling any owe to others

4- Inspiring Iranians and confidence building among Muslim nations

5- Meeting the demands of future generation

6- Laying the corner stones and bases for national authority

7- Proving the effectiveness of Islamic system

8- Training believing, scientist and efficient youths

9- Breaking the arrogant monopoly in science and energy

10- Showing Iranian's dignity and high personality to the world

11- Displaying Iran's scientific progress

It must be noted that those who falsely claim to be really fighting for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, are themselves the real factor of the nuclear crises and the real proliferators of these fatal and devastating weapons. In fact, the continued existence of tens of thousands of nuclear warheads in the stockpile of the nuclear-weapon States, most of them on high-trigger alert and their day-by-day modernization, constitute the most serious threat to the survival of mankind. In dead, we the non-nuclear weapon states, do not feel secure living under the blade of using or threat of using of nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, in flagrant violation of its international obligation, On December 5, 2012 U.S. has conducted its 27th sub critical nuclear experiment involving a scale model nuclear warhead primary, a first-of-its-kind sub critical test since signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT(.

Such nuclear experiment that's supportive for advancing nuclear weapons designs and, worse, conducted in an underground area of a nuclear test site which the other Nuclear Weapon States would follow suit, is a recipe for global destabilization.

Such sub-critical tests and computer simulations to design new weapons, a case of non-compliance by the United Sates with its international obligations under the NPT could be a resumption of the nuclear arms race and a revival risk of global disaster.

According to the public sources, nuclear weapons spending have sharply increased from the 2010 till now and it is "conservatively estimated, that will reach at least one trillion dollars on nuclear weapons and their direct support systems over the next decade". Most of it allocated to decisions to upgrade and replace aging nuclear production factories, missiles, submarine s, and bombers.

Now we have to appreciate those massive masses from all over the world, revolutionary states, independent world organizations and movements who have supported Iranian's legitimate nuclear rights during the last 10 years.

In this context I have to draw the kind attention of all to the fact that during the last 10 years, following the most robust inspections unprecedented in the history of the IAEA, over 7000 man-day routine and over 100 snap shut inspection with 2 hours notice, the former and the present director general have declared no evidence of diversion of nuclear material to military purpose is found and the Agency is able to continue its verification activities, without ant obstacles, thus all nuclear material and activities including enrichment remain peaceful.

It is a matter of disappointment and is even shameful that the EU and the United States did put, in their statements, Iran and a Non-party to the Treaty having Nuclear weapons, on an equal footing. Such approaches have serious consequences for the universality of the NPT as well as other Treaties, such as the CTBT since it destroys any incentive to join. Iran is paying heavy price for its membership and full commitment to the NPT, while others -outside the Treaty - are exempted from any inspection and sanctions, but receiving full nuclear cooperation of western countries specifically US and Canada.

The Islamic republic of Iran has spared no efforts with a view to establish a nuclear free zone in the Middle East since 1974 that my country initially proposed it to the United Nations. In this line, while underlining the reaffirmation by the 2010 NPT Review Conference that "the resolution remains valid until its goals and objectives are achieved", we reemphasize that immediate, full, and unconditional implementation of the 1995 Resolution on the Middle East as an essential element on the basis of which the Treaty was indefinitely extended in the 1995 is of vital importance to the credibility of the NPT.

Given records of the Zionist regime of Israel in aggression and occupation, establishment of a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons is extremely important in putting an end to the gravest threat of the nuclear weapons of the said Regime to the stability and security of the NPT States parties in the region and the world. The threat posed by possession of nuclear weapons by Israeli regime and its refusal to submit itself to the NPT and placing its nuclear facilities under the IAEA safeguards has prompted a number of States in the region not to accede to international instruments dealing with weapons of mass destruction, most notably CWC and BWC.

The Islamic Republic of Iran as a victim of weapons of mass destruction over the recent decades firmly believe that the international community must find a speedy way towards total elimination of the common threat of deliberate or accidental nuclear detonation. The nature of the nuclear weapons and its immediate catastrophic impacts on the human beings must oblige us to collectively work for the sake of humankind's survival and the upcoming 2015 NPT Review Conference can create a momentum that results in a process for absolute illegality and illegitimacy of all nuclear weapons as well as their prompt elimination.

Iran has constantly and categorically rejected nuclear weapons and they have no place in its defense doctrine. Iran's exclusively peaceful nuclear activities are perused in accordance with the rights and obligations enshrined in the NPT. As a demonstration of the fact, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has reiterated his Fatwa on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

During the NAM Summit in Tehran in 2012, His Eminent declared: "The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the use of nuclear weapons as a cardinal and unforgivable sin." This religious decree is rooted, amongst others, in the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and founded on the high values of our belief in preserving human safety, security and dignity. The nuclear policy and global vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran is summarized as: Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none.

It must be noted that that Islamic Republic of Iran shall never ignore its inalienable right for peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including the undeniable right for enrichment or compromise on it, and at the same time it shall continue its cooperation with the IAEA in accordance with NPT obligation namely Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (INFCIRC/214).

Hostile policies of western countries, including dual track (double standards), stick and carrot policies, sanction and talk's policies are doomed to failure. In fact, sanctions, assignations of nuclear scientist - as the ugly phenomena of this century-, threat of attack by Zionist regime of Israel supported by its western allies, have and will strengthen the determination of Great Nation of Iran to pursue its right path.

Finally, we declare that Iranians do not and will never go after preparing the bases for the production of weapons of mass destruction or those of nuclear ones, as they firmly believe in the pure and genuine Islam, and establishing sustainable peace all over the world, as well. Western countries are also advised to change the gear from confrontation to cooperation, the window of opportunity to enter into negotiation for long term strategic cooperation with Iran, the most reliable, strong and stable partner in the region, is still open.

The end

By: M.A.Shahhosseini

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