Hezbollah Chief Warns against US Plots in Region

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Hezbollah Chief Warns against US Plots in Region

The secretary general of the Hezbollah resistance movement warned against the plots being hatched by Washington in the Middle East.

Addressing his supporters via a televised speech from the eastern Lebanese city of Baalbek on Saturday evening, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah described the recent tour of the region by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in line with attempts to carry out such schemes.

Nasrallah also warned the Lebanese nation against voting for pro-US candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, saying such contenders will simply hand over the Arab country to Americans.

He called upon people from all walks of life to participate in the elections, which are scheduled to be held on May 6, Press TV reported.

“Voters should consider national interests when picking candidates and voting for them. People should approach the upcoming legislative polls from the perspective of fulfilling responsibilities towards the country,” he said.

Nasrallah further said, “Voters should not make their decisions on the basis of candidates’ family connections, religious or party affiliations.”

The Hezbollah chief went on to say that the movement’s legislators represented the entire Lebanese nation, and not simply their political bloc.

Nasrallah added that Lebanese voters should not cast their ballots in favor of those who would hand over the country to the US, compromise over oil reserves with the Israeli regime, conspire against Hezbollah or destroy the country’s economy.

He said when voting in parliamentary elections, people should ask themselves what Hezbollah had offered to Lebanon and the nation, concerning the anti-Israel resistance front, stability and services.

“Your support for Hezbollah in the elections preserves the blood of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the resistance movement,” Nasrallah said.

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