Iran's parliamentary elections

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Iran's parliamentary elections

The Constitutional Council has confirmed the approval of 14,200 candidates for Iran's upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for March 1st, Spokesperson Hadi Tahan Nazif announced.

This final list follows thorough vetting, including scrutiny of appeal files submitted in the last week, Nazif said, assuring swift communication of qualified candidates to the Interior Minister, with the Council's work concluding by February 8th.


The statement by Nazif also addressed the ongoing evaluation of Assembly of Experts candidates, with appeals accepted until February 7th.


Transparency remains a priority, with any changes promptly communicated to affected individuals, he stressed.


Meanwhile, Deputy Interior Minister Mohammadreza Shahcheraghi provided logistical details. He confirmed the opening of nearly 59,000 polling stations and the involvement of around 800,000 personnel to ensure smooth elections. Shahcheraghi emphasized the nationwide competitiveness of the upcoming parliamentary race.


With the candidate list finalized and preparations underway, Iran gears up for its highly anticipated parliamentary elections on March 1st.


The 12th Parliamentary Elections and 6th Assembly of Experts Elections will be held in Iran on March 1, 2024.



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