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Since we have many shortcomings and complicated characteristics, we are unable to fathom our true personality to find the best way of living and the path towards eternal bliss and happiness.

Don't we need a directory to lead us to the right path? Isn't there a brochure containing guidelines to raise our intricate soul and psyche and to teach us to use our talents and potentialities?

Of course, we need it. And that is the reason God did not leave humanity groping in the dark. The Almighty, Who proudly calls mankind as the best of His creation, sent a long line or Prophets ever since He created the first pair of human beings, that is, Adam and Eve. The Divine Messengers were sent to guide people in different regions of the earth and the books revealed to them were in accordance with the growing intellect of the human race. For instance, the message that Abraham preached was on a higher level than that entrusted by God his predecessors like Noah. Likewise, the messages of Prophet Moses and that of Prophet Jesus (peace upon them) had degrees of differences until God revealed the universal code of laws for all humanity to cope with the rapid progress of the human intellect for all time. In other words, Islam or peace, submission to none other than the Almighty Creator, and the healthy way of life, which was the theme of the messages of all previous Prophets all over the world, now became a proper name for the mission of the Last and Greatest of Divine Messengers, Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny). During his 23-year mission, God revealed to the Prophet, the most comprehensive set of laws, called the holy Qur'an. If one studies the history of humanity, he or she will find the amazing effects of the holy Qur'an in guiding the human society. Historians have acknowledged the facts that before the advent of Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny), the world was engulfed in ignorance and moral decadence. The law of the jungle prevailed and might was right, not only among the pagan Arabs, but also among the supposedly civilized societies of Rome, Iran, India and China. However, the advent of Islam, and the gradual revelation of the holy Qur'an to the Prophet over a period of 23 years transformed most of the Arabian Peninsula. Soon the message spread across the world, and within a very short period, the teachings of the holy Qur'an gave birth to the glorious Islamic civilization where science and intellect prevailed at a time when Europe was plunged in medieval darkness. It was the Islamic civilization based on the spirit of the holy Qur'an that awakened Europe from deep slumber. With the translation into Latin of the scientific works of the Muslims, the Renaissance took place and was followed by the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the world is indebted to Islam for its progress. It should also be said that Europe failed to comprehend and follow the ethical, moral, and other humanitarian aspects of the holy Qur'an, and this explains for the moral bankruptcy of the West and its misuse of science and technology to develop weapons of mass destruction.

To be more precise, the holy Qur'an is a book of exceptional wisdom which any ordinary person can easily understand. God's words are in harmony with human nature. The efforts of certain misled people to try to distort its contents are all in vain. Heathens and hypocrites have indulged in such behaviour from the very outset but have miserably failed. In the words the famous German scientist Albert Einstein: The holy Qur'an is not a book of Algebra, geometry or mathematics, but is a collection of laws which guide mankind to a path that the greatest philosophers of the world are unable to describe and determine.

In short, the holy Qur'an is a great miracle of eloquence and wisdom. It is a miraculous treasure for scholars and the most comprehensive code for lawmakers. This heavenly-revealed Book shows the guidelines for God-oriented rulers, and for people of every walk of life. In conclusion, one should say that the holy Qur'an with its rich and profound teachings meets the psychological and spiritual requirements of mankind.

This greatest of all heavenly scriptures is called Qur'an because it is the book of recitation, which in Arabic means Qera'at. Thus the Qur'an must be recited not only by tongue but by the heart and soul as well with due attention and heed.

The holy Qur'an contains 114 Surahs, which in turn are made up of ayahs or verses. We will be attempting an easy and fluent explanation of the heavenly scripture on our website in the serial order.

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