Meymooneh`s character sketch

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Meymooneh was Hares ibn Hezn`s daughter and Umm Alfazl`s sister who was Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb wife and her mother was khooleh (Hend) binte Ouff and she was from a famous family.

Khooleh was one the best old ladies in Mecca because she had the best sons_in_law Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb ,Jafar ibn Abitaleb ,Hamzeh Abdolmotaleb and finally the prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Lobabe Umm Alfazl was Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb`s wife that he was the prophet`s uncle and Salma was Hamze Seyed Alshohada`s wife that he aws the prophet`s uncle and Asma was Jafar ibn Abitaleb`s wife that he was the prophet`s cousin and Umm Almomenin Meymooneh , they are four women that the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has introduced them as four faithful sisters . Salma like her husband Hamze accepted Islam .

In the pagan state (Jaheliyat time ) Meymooneh devorced from her husband Masoud ibn Amroo Saghafi and then got married to Aboo Rahm ibn AbdolAzi and she lived with him until he passed away.

A year after Hodaybiyeh peace in the 7th year of Hijrah in Zighade month according to the contraction with polythesists of Mecca the prophet (PBUH) with 2000 people of his companians for 3 days in order to do Hajj Omrah traveled to Mecca . Attractive magnificence of muslims had effected people in Mecca . Meymooneh understood that prophet (PBUH) has come to Mecca she wanted to marry with the prophet so she talked to her sister Umm Alfazl the wife of Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb and then Umm Alfazl talked to her husband .

Abbas talked a bout this matter with the prophet (PBUH) and said that Meymooneh`s husband has died and she is Muslim and faithful . Do you want to marry with her? The prophet (PBUH) accepted this matter and sent his cousin Jafar ibn Abitaleb to offer the marriage with Meymooneh . When Jafar came to talk with Meymooneh she was on the Camel and when he asked her to marry with the prophet (PBUH) she said this camel and whatever on it ,is for the prophet (PBUH) and his Allah. People in Mecca were humming that Meymooneh couldn’t wait and donated herself to the prophet (PBuH) and Allah in this situation decended this Ayeh: o Messenger we have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have paid marriage _ portion and those slave women whom you have possessed as the war Captives whom Allah has given you and also are lawful to marry with the daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts who put of belief migrated with you and any believing woman who offers to be the messenger`s without asking marriage portion provided that the messenger wants to marry her : This particular case is only for you the messenger but not for the believing men In general we know that we have decreed about their wives and the slave woman they possess; this is to prevent any difficulty for you and Allah is the merciful for giving .

Marriage ceremony was done by Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb the prophet’s paternal uncle in a place between (Mecca and Medina) that was called (Sarf) and Meymooneh and prophet (PBUH) got married .

According to many commentators words ,Meymoomneh was a woman that denoted herself to the prophet (PBUH) because she was a faithful woman and her love to prophet had faith source and the prophet (PBUH) in order to respond her love got married with her .

In addition Meymooneh’s family had special position and this marriage could connect and confirm the relation between the prophet (PBUH) and Quraysh and great tribes of Mecca.

According to (Hodaybiyeh) peace the prophet couldn’t stay in Mecca more than 3days ,the 3rd day was finished and they told to prophet that you can’t stay here .

The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was going to arrange a marriage ceremony with Meymooneh and he wanted to invite Quraysh leaders in order to talk with them and he wanted to finish this enemity and dispute with Quraysh but they didn’t accept it .

In the 4 day morning Hovayt ibn AbdolAzi who got muslim later , with the group of polythesists came to the prophet and told him your arranged time is finished and you must go from here .

And also Soheyl ibn Amro with some people of Quraysh came to the prophet (PBUH) and told him your arranged time is finished and you can’t stay in Mecca .

The prophet told them is there any problem that I arrange a wedding party and feast and give you food? They answered that :we don’t need your feast and food and you must go out of our city . Then the prophet (PBUH) according to Hodaybiyeh peace with his companions left Mecca and told to Aburafea (his servant ) that you should stay in Mecca and bring Meymooneh to Medina .

The marriage of prophet(PBUH) and Meymooneh caused a closed relation between the prophet and Helali tribe .After period of time they accepted Islam and they helped prophet where ever he went .

At first Meymooneh name was “Barreh” but after marriage the prophet (PBUH) selected her name that was full of blessing and prosperous effect . It was the prophet’s method and in some cases he changed the people’s name and selected good or better name for them .

She was an honest and faith full woman and she prayed a lot in Masjed Alnabi . one day one of her relative came to her house and she understand the small of mine , she got angry and told that I swear to God if you don’t go to be penance by the lash (Had) you can’t come to me again and then that person did that .

The prophet (PBUH) about Meymooneh said: God has fill your heart by faith and has tested it. This prophet’s speech about Meymooneh is the reason of her validity . The prophet (PBUH) said that about Meymooneh’s belief and her sister’s ,They are fait full sister’s.

Fait full sister’s are Om Almomenin Meymooneh the prophet’s wife her sister OmAlfaz , Hares’s daughter and her sister Salma Majesty Seyed Alshohada Hamzeh and Asma Amis’s daughter their maternal sister.

Meymooneh was active in Tabook war and took caver of patients and wounded and she tried a lot in the way of God .

It is narrated that she formed a group of nurses for dressing of woundeds and she had an effective attendance in the battle fields even she was injured by enemy’s arrow in the battle field when she was bringing water for the wounded.

When the prophet’s disease got worse he was in Meymooneh’s home and he was transmit had to Ayeshe’s home . Ayesheh about this matter said :the prophet’s disease was started in Meymoone’s home then he asked from his wires to stay in may home and his wires accepted this mother .

Meymooneh was virtuous woman and scholars of Rejal assure her in science of narration (Hadis) and considered her as the companions of the prophet (PBUH) . she narrated about the prophet and other people like ibn Abbas her nephew . we can see her high position in Imam Sadegh (A) speech that is narrated from his father Imam Baghir (A) who considered her as a special lady and he narrated the prophet’s speech from her speech .

(Man la Yahzar Alfaghih version 1 page 54)

It is narrated from Ayeshe :

"اما انها من اتقانا الله و اوصلنا للرحم "

She was the most virtuous woman among us and she visited her relatives a lot OmAlmomenin Mymooneh was lover of Hzrat Zahra (A) family and she narrated Hzrat Ali (A) accomplishments .

Meymooneh in the deviation of Ali (A) caliphate about his accomplishment said: “I swear to God that he never got devious and nobody isn’t deviated by him” and she repeated this sentence 3 times .

The place of Meymooneh’s marriage and demise , she lived about 3 years with the prophet(PBUH) and she was alive about 44 years after the prophet’s demise .

Meymooneh married to the prophet (PBUH) in 7th year of Hijrat in Zighadeh month in a place that was called Safar and it was about 5km near to Mecca . later because of this marriage it was built a room in that place but one of the world event was that in the year of 64 of Hijrat in the Yazid ibn Moaviyeh caliphate when she was coming back from Mecca in the age of 87 in that same place that she got married to the prophet she passed away .

Her nephew ibn Abbas said prayer for her and she was buried in that place .


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