Islamic awareness will thwart enemies' plots

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Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday commended services of three branches of government especially the incumbent President who is working hard day and night ceaselessly to serve people.

Islamic Revolution Leader made the remarks in a meeting with large group of people from the southern province of Fars.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution appreciated the three branches of government for serving the nation and said that his office is commending services of the executive branch of the government.

Ayatollah Khamenei assured the nation that his office would interfere whether the major trend of the Islamic Revolution to face negligence.

"With reliance upon grace of Almighty God, I will not allow the major goals of the nation to be neglected as long as I'm alive," he said.

Ayatollah Khemeni said that since the Iranian people have stood up and turned into exemplary model for people in the region, they have been the target of antagonistic propaganda.

"You should not let disputes or differences to be created otherwise the enemies would attain what they are seeking through masterminding propaganda."

Islamic Revolution Leader drew attention of the audience to numerous scenarios raised by the western propaganda machine over the issues of the Intelligence Ministry and said, "The enemies have indicated that they are looking for a possible opportunity to reach their goal of causing dispute in the ranks of the nation."

"The Islamic Republic is a powerful system whose leader has adopted a firm stand in defending the path of Islamic Revolution."

On Muslim awakening, the Islamic Revolution Leader said the people in the region have become vigilant thanks to Islam and the Islamic Revolution.

"The US, Europe and the Zionists are in the state of shock and bewildering by the Islamic awakening in the region," said Ayatollah Khameni adding that the global arrogance seeks to dominate the entire region but the Islamic awareness will thwart their plots.

"People in the region will be the final winner of these developments but they should exercise vigilance as the enemies will spare no efforts to mislead them."

Ayatollah Khemeni underlined that a fair judgment in regional developments indicates that western powers have oppressed nations in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.

Islamic Revolution Leader said that fabricated Zionist regime is the root cause of tyrannical behavior of US and West on people in the region and the people in Bahrain have suffered the most.

Referring to wide scale propaganda of the west against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Leader said since the country has adopted righteous stands in dealing with global developments; it has been the target of western propagandas.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, the nation, government and political elites cannot remain indifferent toward the current developments in the region."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has explicitly voiced its stands on regional developments and has not interfered in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya," he added.

Ayatollah Khemenai said that Iran is not afraid of the bullying powers and declares its clear stands on global developments.

"It is the legitimate rights of people in Bahrain to express their protest."

"The government in Bahrain has adopted a wrong approach in dealing with its people and the anger of people may bring down the government," said Ayatollah Khamenei.

"Those who have dispatched military forces to Bahrain have committed a grave mistake," the Leader said.

Referring to recent developments in Libya, the Leader said the westerners are to prevent coming to power of Islamic and democratic government in Libya but the people have read their cards.

"Global arrogance and the international Zionist network are  the main culprit for current events in the region, said the Islamic Revolution Leader adding that they are now suppressing people in Gaza and massacring them and the nations in the region along with their governments should not neglect the goals of the Zionist regime.

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