Islamic Awakening; Best opportunity for realization of Islamic proximity

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Tehran – Head of the Islamic Proximity Research Center in Iran, Hojjat al-Islam Ahmad Moballeghi said that the Islamic awakening tide has provided the best opportunity for realization of proximity of Islamic schools of thought.

According to ABNA. Moballeghi said there have been disagreements and discord in the history of the Islamic world but it was now time to focus on the Qur’anic principle of Ummah Wahida (united Ummah).

He was speaking on Saturday, December 31, in a forum titled “The School of Ashura and Islamic Proximity”.

He said while the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) had a Shiite origin, it took place in the Islamic Ummah and its goals were also aimed at the entire Islamic Ummah.

Stressing that the Imam Hussein (AS) movement was for all the Islamic society, he said, “At the time when Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising happened, the majority of Shiite Muslims lived in Yemen. So if the uprising had been merely a Shiite one, Imam should have gone to Yemen for getting help from the Shiite Muslim community and starting his movement there.”

Hojjat al-Islam Moballeghi highlighted Imam Hussein’s (AS) proximity goals and said he rise up against the rule of Yazid with the aim of reviving the Islamic Ummah, boosting the status of the Ummah, and combating oppression and injustice. “The uprising once again made ‘justice’ meaningful and caused it to be a criterion so that subsequent rulers would recognize it as a red line.”

Pointing to the obstacles in the way of Islamic proximity, he aid throughout centuries, there have been efforts to instigate discord and spread prejudices.

He, however, regarded the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran as a turning point in fostering proximity among Islamic schools of thought.

Head of the Islamic Proximity Research Center went on to say that Muslims should avoid differences, exercise tolerance and focus on the Qur’anic principle of Ummah Wahida.


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